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It was worth the wait! Fall ORC revealed

Updated: May 4, 2023

this is a little out of the ordinary but I just had to share. I was so overwhelmed with the backorders and lead time on furniture that I thought I would never finish the fall '22 one-room challenge presented by Apartment Therapy. I know it has been a few months so let's recap

WEEK 1- a room that I chose to participate

WEEK 2- If walls could talk, wall slats

WEEK 3- the outline- furniture layout

WEEK 4- Just gimme the light- Lights installed

WEEK 5- Look up Freehand ceiling

WEEK 6- Rugs In- Installed the rug

WEEK 7-A little blush won't hurt- my painted doors

Now as you all may remember, I revealed that I would be doing my primary bedroom. I decided to complete this as I was tired of sleeping on an air mattress and then a mattress by itself. It was time to get my space in order. I knew that I wanted neutral colors with a pop of green. I also wanted to do something different with the 5th wall(ceiling). I am very artsy so hand-drawn or hand painted was what I wanted.

So, I won't do any long spiel for this one, I want to get down to the reveal!!!

HERE IT IS.... my down-to-earth tone oasis!

I love the pops of green throughout the space! This room is comfy and something that I wanted to complete and I am so glad that I finally revealed this to the world!!!!

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