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Storage has arrived! Week 6 ORC

Good evening my friends, this has been a whirlwind week so I am just getting to my week 6 one-room challenge blog sponsored by apartment therapy and I am so glad I am here.

Lets recap:

WEEK 1-Announcement of the participation

WEEK 2- Cleaned the room out

WEEK 3- Chose my paint color and started the wallpaper

WEEK 4- Finished wallpaper and started painting

WEEK 5- The painting has been completed and the door has the first coat of paint.

After all the painting and re-painting, I am glad to finish that portion. I have painted the door the beetroot color, as well as the utility sink. If you are planning to do something like that, remember to use a waterproof sealer at the end. This will ensure that the painted sink won't strip when the water touches it. I tested before and after to make sure that it works. I also did 3 coats in the sink to have a consistent color and to assure that there will be no stripping of any sort.

I am happy with the outcome and It did not cost a lot. I wrapped the sink with leftover wallpaper to give it more personality and completed it with the paint color.

So, let's get to the storage. I decided to get my shelving and storage unit from Ikea. I had a specific look in mind and after measuring everything, I changed it. I did not want the space to feel cluttered since it's a small space already. I decided to put all the shelving and storage on the wall of the appliances. The shoe cabinet will be on the wall directly to the left as you open the door. This will still make the room feel spacious with added storage. I've also decided to do freehand work on the wall that will feel empty, with no space left untouched for me!

This week, I also had my little helper with me. It's always good to have a helping hand, even if they are only 6! lol.

Next week, I will have the light fixtures installed and my freehand drawing complete. I only have 2 weeks left, so I will cram the majority of the work into this week. Let's do a breakdown of what I have left and see if it's possible! fingers crossed.




-purchase accessories

-book a photo session

-install door hardware

-purchase and install sink faucet

-style and decorate

Within the next 2 weeks, follow along as I complete my checklist. Don't forget to like, share, and follow the other participants as they complete their one-room challenge room.

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