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Interior Design Tailored to Your Style and Taste

At Aiesha Mullings Design Studio, the mission is to provide creative services to busy families or entrepreneurs who will appreciate the functionality and style of their home sanctuary.  Our design studio creates stunning, customized interior design solutions for newly built and existing homes that reflect your unique style. 

Aiesha Mullings Design Studio is committed to creating transparency through design, one room at a time. The Studios' vision is rooted in the belief that design has the power to foster openness, honesty, and accountability in the spaces we inhabit.


Is your home in need of a fresh perspective? Are you feeling unsure about where to begin with your design project? Our Interior Design Consultation is designed to bring clarity and confidence to your home transformation journey. Whether you're starting from scratch, seeking a change, or building a new construction, we're here to guide you every step of the way.

What's Included:

  1. Personalized Discussion: We'll engage in a detailed conversation to understand your goals, challenges, and aspirations for your home.

  2. Design Insights: Drawing from our expertise, we'll provide you with design insights, creative ideas, and practical solutions tailored to your specific needs.

  3. Clear Plan Creation: Based on our discussion, we'll collaborate to create a clear and actionable plan that fits your home and your budget.


E-DESIGN SERVICES-Transform Your Space, Anywhere You Are


Do you dream of a beautifully designed space, but distance keeps you from working with our local design team? Our E-Design Services are designed to bridge the gap and bring our expertise directly to you, no matter where you are located. With this service, you can create a stunning room that reflects your style, all while enjoying the convenience of remote design.

What's Included:

  1. Customized Design Plan: Our experienced designers will work closely with you to understand your vision, preferences, and requirements. Based on this information, we'll craft a tailored design plan that aligns with your unique style.

  2. Layout and Measuring Instructions: Our design team will provide you with a detailed layout plan, complete with measuring instructions. This ensures that you can accurately position furniture and decor items in your space for optimal functionality and aesthetics.

  3. Approved Shopping List: We'll curate a shopping list of items that perfectly match the design plan. Every item on the list is handpicked to create a cohesive and harmonious look for your room.


Are you eager to transform your living space into something beautiful and inviting, but not quite ready for a full-scale design commitment? Look no further! Our "Day with a designer" package is designed just for you. With this package, you can access the expertise of our talented design team without breaking the bank.

What's Included:

  1. Personal Consultation: Our experienced designers will visit your residence and engage in a collaborative discussion with you. We'll take the time to understand your vision, preferences, and requirements.

  2. Idea Exploration: We'll dedicate up to 5 hours to brainstorm and explore various design ideas that align with your space and personal style. Our team will bring fresh perspectives and innovative concepts to the table.

  3. Tailored Design Plan: Based on our discussions and brainstorming, we'll craft a comprehensive design plan that outlines specific recommendations for your space. This plan will consider aspects such as color schemes, furniture arrangements, decor choices, and more. The day won't be complete without visiting designer trade showrooms.

  4. Clear Vision: At the end of the day, you'll have a crystal-clear vision of how your space will look and feel after the design enhancements. You'll gain insights into the potential transformation and get a sneak peek into the possibilities.


RENOVATIONS/REMODEL-Your Path to a Perfect Home


Are you a busy family seeking to transform your house into a warm and inviting haven, but find yourself overwhelmed with the process? Look no further! Our Renovation/remodel Design Package is crafted with you in mind – it's a complete solution that takes care of every step, from the initial consultation to the final finishing touches.

What's Included:

  1. Comprehensive Consultation: We begin by understanding your family's lifestyle, preferences, and aspirations for your home. Our design experts will conduct an in-depth consultation to capture every detail that matters to you.

  2. Customized Design Plan: Our team will craft a tailored design plan that merges your vision with our expertise. This plan will cover layout suggestions, color palettes, furniture selections, decor recommendations, and more.

  3. Project Management: We take the stress off your shoulders by managing the entire project from start to finish. Our team coordinates with contractors, suppliers, and artisans, ensuring a seamless execution.

  4. Professional Implementation: Watch as your vision comes to life. We oversee every aspect of the project, ensuring that the design plan is executed with precision and according to your expectations.

  5. Finishing Flourish: Our designers pay meticulous attention to the finer details. From arranging furniture to adding decorative accents, we make sure that every element contributes to a cohesive and harmonious ambiance.

  6. Your Time, Your Passions: With us handling the project's logistics, you can focus on what truly matters – spending quality time with your family, pursuing hobbies, and enjoying your home's newfound charm.

Not sure if any of these projects are a fit? click the button below to start  your custom package.


What clients are saying...


"I was very impressed with the detail that Aiesha did for my home. This was truly something that I dreamt about and never knew I would get it to be so complete. I am going to recommend her to anyone who wants a great design and a great person to work with."
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