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AIESHA MULLINGS,Principal Designer

I'm not your average designer. I love, love to be extra. I draw my inspiration from all over the world. My style is modern, bold, and eclectic. 

 Top things about me:

-Born in Jamaica( true Islander)

-Raised in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, GO PHIILIES!

- High school in both Philly and Jamaica

-Earned a bachelor's degree in Architecture from the University of Arkansas - GO HOGS!

-Worked locally, nationally, and internationally in design

-Started my company in 2019, rebranded and elevated in 2022. 

-Married with two beautiful children that keep me young.


The core values I bring to my client are my everyday beliefs. I believe in Faith, Family, and Function. Bringing those values to my designs will bring true and transparent designs. Each client will walk away with a clear vision of their design project and style. 



I specialize in creating a modern space with an Island twist. My designs are vibrant, creative but tailors to your lifestyle and preference. I bring beauty and functionality to each space.  I cater to entrepreneurs, bachelors, working class families to help them solve their design and renovation challenges and needs in the design department. When finished with the project, my clients will enjoy a space they love to come home to, capturing the clients imagination, warmth and style. 

Want to capture the space of your dreams? Lets chat! 



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