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ORC WEEK 7... A little blush won't hurt!

Hello all, we are back for the 7th week of the one-room challenge with media partner apartment therapy and I must say, I am pleased with my progress..

Let's get to the recap...


  • Walls painted(prior)

  • Floor installed( prior)

  • No lights just pre-wired for ceiling light/fan

  • Concept board


  • Installation of wall slats

  • Tv mounted


  • Outline

  • No lights :(




  • Painting the ceiling


  • Rugs in(yaaayyy)


  • Painted the doors

So now that we got that out of the way, let's get to it!

This week has been progressive for me. Even though I wanted to do more, I just wasn't able to. With the tropical storm and kids out of school again, I had a lot going on. Backorders do not help either.

I am still waiting for my furniture to arrive and I have no idea when that will be! When it comes, it comes at this point.

I still have so much to do that is beyond me so I will just go with the flow...

Now, let's get to these doors! I initially wanted to change them completely and change the whole look and feel. I instead went with painting them. I love the doors the way they were. They were actually new doors when we purchased the house so I didn't want to spend money when I didn't need to.

The color I painted was,( drum rolls please...) you guessed, Redend point! I am now obsessed with this color. If you don't know this color, it's... Sherwin William's color of the year for 2023. It's a blush-beige color that looks great in any interior space. It reminds me of the desert. I want a very earthy, sensual space for me and my beaux. The room will be hints of earth tones from the rug to the decor. I'm very colorful but wanted to dim it down a little for my hideaway.

The room is tucked in the back of the house, away from everything, and located on the first floor. This is a perfect location to get away from the kids! (Okay, it's not that bad, my kids are awesome).

I had to first prime both doors. Priming makes the paint stick and the color shows vibrant. I wasn't sure if it was painted before or not but to prime it is like starting from scratch and having that perfect color you want to show, pop.

The painting wasn't so bad at all. After I primed the doors, it was smooth sailing after that. The paint adhered very well and the color came out marvelous. No bubbles or streaks. This helps if you use the correct paintbrush. I like using angle brushes because I rarely take apart things to paint. I usually paint in place and the angle helps with the edges. I also changed the hardware for the door because the chrome does not mesh with my decor. I used the matte black lever for these doors and they are also used throughout the house. Easy to handle for the kids and me! It's a good idea to use levers for aging in place(I'm just getting a head start! lol).

Now that you have seen my latest, don't forget to follow the other participants in this one-room challenge. We have one week left to show our final reveal. I am excited to see it all.

Still to do:

  • window treatment

  • floating dresser

  • end table to order

  • bed

  • accent chair

  • bed storage

  • accessories/decor

  • soundbar install

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