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ORC Week 3-the Outline

When you last visited, I was talking about the process and the lights coming this week but, unfortunately, that has to wait until next week. LOL.

Lets recap---


  • Walls painted(prior)

  • Floor installed( prior)

  • No lights just pre-wired for ceiling light/fan

  • Concept board


  • Installation of wall slats

  • Tv mounted


  • Outline

  • No lights :(

Since I was not able to get the lights hung this week, I went ahead and outlined the space for my furniture. I don't want any surprises when it comes to the lights being hung and the space it takes to make it look uniform. So, this week I was so excited to get my lights hung, and my ceiling fan mounted but I was not able to. My electrician had an emergency and I have to wait until next week, That's okay with me. I guess I was a little more relieved to do that because I needed to make sure everything worked together before I did a final installation, like the lights.

The outline took a couple of hours but it was worth it. I got to see how things mesh without them being in the space just yet. The wall slats will frame the bed just like how I want it and when the pendant light falls towards the end table, it will all be Magnifique!!!! There will be a nice area rug to bring a little accent and coziness to the space. I wanted to have a big enough rug that will cover the area that I will be stepping off the bed. I love a nice oversized rug but it works since the room is 221sqft, a pretty decent size for a primary room.

It's easy to do the outline, just make sure that you use painter's tape and not masking or duck(who would do that?). The painter's tape is easy to remove and does not leave any residue. The colors are bold so that you can see what you are taping off and they last a few days without the adhesive becoming less tacky.

It wasn't a busy week so I was able to get it done in no time. The lights were delivered this

week and excited to give you a sneak peek for next week. Here they are

Don't forget that there are other participants to look out for. Check the one-room challenge page and the apartment therapy page for more projects

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