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REVEAL DAY!!! ORC week 8!

Hello everyone! it is here, the day that I show what I have been working on for 8 weeks!!

I've been participating in the one-room challenge with media partner apartment therapy for 8 weeks. This challenge is for anyone, d.i.yers, designers, and content creators who want to participate to complete a room of their choice in 8 weeks. Each week, we have to upload our progress so that others can see and cheer us on. This is more of a community over-competition challenge and it brings people from different steps in their design process to come together for one challenge.

This is my third time doing this and each time, I am in love with the reveal!

It's reveal day, but first, let's recap:


WEEK 1-Announcement of the participation

WEEK 2- Cleaned the room out

WEEK 3- Chose my paint color and started the wallpaper

WEEK 4- Finished wallpaper and started painting

WEEK 5- The painting has been completed and the door has the first coat of paint.

WEEK 6- I installed the storage and started my freehand wall art.

WEEK 7- The lights were installed finished the wall art as well as the storage.

So, for the past 8 weeks, I have been working on my laundry room. It was a simple space with wire storage and a washer and dryer. The floors were tiled and the walls were beige. I was not a fan of it all. I love color and wanted to bring my space to life. There is a wash basin in there, which I don't mind. I can wash my hair there or other stuff so it is convenient for me.

I had a few hiccups but was able to complete it in time. I changed a few things in the end and still love it. The colors are popping and the space feels more utilized.

I am sure you want to get to the big reveal but before that, let me just tell you, kyngston Maintenance and Consulting always does a phenomenal job with my lights. He is very meticulous and knows his stuff.

Let's get to it!!! Here is the final finish!



Yes!! the colors, the wallpaper, the floor, and everything in between were worth it. I think if I had a front-load washer, that would have set it off but I had to compromise with hubby, lol.

Listen, don't forget to follow the one-room challenge page and apartment therapy to see the other participants reveals! I know it's worth the read/watch!

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Looks amazing! Can’t wait to see your next project!!!

Replying to

Thank you!

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