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Week 5 ORC- Stone fruit anyone?

Hey friends, this is the 5th week of the one-room challenge sponsored by Apartment Therapy and I am excited to show you my updates! I have been working to get this done, and I must say, I like where it is going. Let's get started with the recap:

WEEK 1-Announcement of the participation

WEEK 2- Cleaned the room out

WEEK 3- Chose my paint color and started the wallpaper

WEEK 4- Finished wallpaper and started painting

Now week 5, the space is looking vibrant as ever. The paint I chose, stone fruit, makes the space super bright. It's almost like it's not a laundry room at all. The color tones the wallpaper and highlights parts of it at the same time.

I want to finish the door with the beetroot color from sherwin williams to bring the vibrancy down just a bit( I started but have not completed it). I also did the trims with the same stone fruit as the wall. With the furniture being white, I wanted to make sure that there was not much white within the space itself.

Within the next week, I will have purchased the new lighting and bring more ambiance to the space. The current light fixture does no justice for this space anymore. Three more weeks and the reveal will be something special. A dual space for laundry and storage.

Alright yall, not much to see just yet so I will leave you with some eye candy!!! The paint, the wallpaper, enjoy it all. While you are looking, don't forget to follow the other participants as they complete their space as well. Like, comment, and share. Hey, you may find a couple of tips that will help you along your design journey! ONE-ROOM CHALLENGE, APARTMENT THERAPY

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