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8 weeks to clean house!!

No more messy laundry room

one-room challenge spring 2023 has started!

I am so happy to announce that I will be participating in the Spring 2023 One-room challenge with media partner Apartment Therapy. If you are new here and are not familiar with this challenge, this is where anyone can participate to upgrade a room of their choice. This goes for DIYers, bloggers, designers, stay-at-home parents, and anyone who wants the challenge to do something fun and be a part of a growing community or enthusiasts.

This challenge happens over the course of 8 weeks and we get to show our progress each week. Whether through blogs or social media posts, we encourage each participant to do their best and complete by the end of the 8 weeks. At the end of those weeks, we do a final reveal and you get a taste of it all! it's so encouraging to see everyone participate and do the finale reveal!

This is actually my third time doing this and I am so excited to reveal my space. This go-round, I will be renovating my Laundry room. Right now, I can't really call it a laundry room but mostly storage and occasional laundry! lol. My goal is to make it feel welcoming and have the space coincide with the rest of the house. I want to make a space for my kid's backpacks and sports gear where they can always find them and I won't trip over any of their stuff.

Main goals for the weeks ahead:

  • Week 1-empty the Laundry room

  • Week2-Pick paint color and order wallpaper

  • Week 3-Paint and if wallpaper arrives, install wallpaper

  • Week 4- Purchase wood for the build-outs

  • Week 5- start construction of build-outs

  • Week 6-order light fixtures

  • Week7- complete build-out and start for the final reveal

  • Week 8-Final reveal!!!

I am not sure how close I will be to getting my weeks completed, but I will try to do it all. I usually do everything by the week and try to keep on track with this. I tend to be very purposeful about my designs and through the course of the weeks, they may change. I have a lot of creative bubbles floating and want to make sure it comes out just as how I want it to look.

Putting it together

I have many contrasting colors in my home and they all work well together. The feeling I want to have while doing laundry is fresh air! I want to feel like how those air fresheners smell, so calming and breathtaking ( literally and figuratively)! This is a space that most people overlook because it's laundry and messy but I want it to be more than just that.

My laundry room is right off the kitchen and the garage, it is hard to miss so I want it to become a conversation piece when I have visitors. It will be welcoming just like the rest of the house.

Woosah and let's get it!

So now that you all know I am participating in the one-room challenge, please follow my blog and other participants as we complete this 8-week challenge. Don't forget to check out the Apartment Therapy page and the one-room challenge page to see past participants' works.

There will be more to share as the weeks fly by but watch the video and no judgments, it will look amazing by the end of this!

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