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Turn on the lights! Week 7 ORC.

Hello dear friends, it's here, week 7 of the one-room challenge with media partner apartment therapy. There is only one week left and I am excited to announce that I have installed the lights!!! They are simple, yet effective! Let's get started :


WEEK 1-Announcement of the participation

WEEK 2- Cleaned the room out

WEEK 3- Chose my paint color and started the wallpaper

WEEK 4- Finished wallpaper and started painting

WEEK 5- The painting has been completed and the door has the first coat of paint.

WEEK 6- I installed the storage and started my freehand wall art.

This week, it seems like I have done a lot. I am at the finish line, with a few more details to cover. this week, I installed the wall hooks for my bags and also the shoe storage cabinet. It was pretty simple and I wanted to keep the same colors as within the space. I just love those doggy tails. I wanted to pay homage to my fur baby who passed away from a hit and run.

For the wall art, I decided to use charcoal to complete the shading of the ropes. I wanted a sense of a broken clothesline with missing items from the dryer. You know there are all sorts of things in the black hole of the dryer space! Socks, money, thread, belts, you name it!!!

The space is not that big so I did not want to crowd it with "stuff', I wanted to have an empty wall so that I can create something that will not obstruct the ground space or anywhere else. Next week, we will see how it all comes together.

My lights arrived just in time for Kyngston maintenance and consulting to install them. I wanted to go over the top with my light selection but in the end, went simple and effective.

I am not a fan of the linear lights that were in the laundry room. They reminded me of the garage lights and they were dull and boring. I went with the star fixture to make it stand out. I love the shadows it makes on the wall that feels more like textures than mere shadows. It also highlights the artwork on the wall with the rays that the light sends off.

Overall, this space is coming together with details, and cannot wait for the big reveal! It's small but mighty, or as we say in Jamaica- 'Likkle but we tallawah!!!'

So for now, enjoy this beauty, and don't forget to follow the other participants as they complete their space. One more week and you will all see some unique space for awesome designers and d.i.yers. ONE-ROOM CHALLENGE, APARTMENT THERAPY

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