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Laundry room concept

Well, it's week 2 of the ORC and I am ready for it all. I have finally finished the concept for the room and I am so excited to complete it.

Let's get started with this week. So the one-room challenge is all about community. There are many creatives who join and cheer each other on for the 8 weeks. We all come together through social media and blogs and get to know each other's style through their work. I love that there is no competition and it's all love. If any D.I.Yers, or creatives want to join, I encourage you to do so the next time. Follow the one-room challenge page as well as media partner Apartment Therapy for more.

Now let's get down to business. this week, I am all about the color and concept of this space. I want to bring fun and brighten up such a dull area with natural wood and vibrant colors. I have created a wallpaper that will show my aesthetic and will tie all the colors I have throughout my home.

I created this wallpaper and wanted to bring neutrals with cool blues into the space. This reminds me of water and nature. I love the contrast with the blues and pinkish/orange.

I am conflicted with these colors because they are beautiful and will complete the space perfectly. I know whichever one I choose, I won't be disappointed

I do not want the walls to be white. This will be a place that will house dirty gym shoes and school/baseball bags.

So, I want to change the light and get rid of the old troffer lights. They are an eyesore to me. I'm going to bring something playful, have fun doing laundry, and encourage anticipation of laundry day! (who really loves to do laundry anyway?) I will possibly nix the cabinets and go with open shelves, I can't reach the top shelf of the cabinet anyway( 5'0" baby!) I need to make it more convenient for me and my husband. I also want to install cubbies for the smelly shoes so I would have to rethink the location of it. Did I mention, there is also a wash basin(or laundry sink) that is in the space? So with the washer/dryer and basin, the space is reserved on one wall and I have two walls that I can utilize.

Let's recap!

Week 1- announced the ORC participation

Week 2- choosing wall paint and wallpaper

The following weeks will go by fast! I hope that I will be able to complete this space. Even though it is a small space, it still takes time to make it just the way I want it.

Follow along the next few weeks as I complete each task


While you are here, don't forget to follow all the other participants as they tackle this challenge. Follow, like, and share on Instagram, TikTok, and their blogs! Also, check the media partner APARTMENT THERAPY, and the challenge page ONE-ROOM CHALLENGE


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