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Hey, Y'all so I'm back with the one-room challenge sponsored by apartment therapy! I'm so excited to do this again. The first time I did it for the spring challenge, was enjoyable. I decided since I am still doing a lot of reno for my house, why not be a part of a community that will support and cheer me on? To all the newcomers to this blog and to the challenge, I just have one thing to say(maybe two..LOL) Take your time and enjoy it. This is not a competition for a million bucks so you don't have to be too overwhelmed. This is a community of designers, DIYers, and first-timers, who want to push themselves to complete a project in 8 weeks. If you don't finish it's okay, it's still yours and you will complete it eventually. Let's have Fun together.

With that being said, the room that I want to challenge myself with is my primary suite. I have been in all the other spaces in my house except this one. We wanted to wait to complete this while we are doing the primary bath but right now, I am tired of sleeping in the guest room. I want my own tranquil area and what better room than my own, right? I want to have a mid-century meets modern feel to it. I love wood and I love velvet. I will incorporate mixed metals with bold colors to give it my own relaxed space at the end of a busy day. I'm not sure when I will get to the bathroom but I will cross that bridge when I get there. Right now, I am too excited to get my own bed

and to finish this project in 8 weeks.


When we purchased the house, there was carpet in every room. I don't like carpets so we pulled them out and installed new floors before we did anything else.

Follow along as I make my space into zen and finally get a good night's sleep or two!!


Mid-century meets modern concept board.

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