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ORC week 6... RUGS IN!

Hi, everyone. This is week 6 of the one-room challenge with media partner apartment therapy and it has been a whirlwind! With Halloween and harvest week at school, I am glad I had something done for this week. I was able to do something so let's recap!


  • Walls painted(prior)

  • Floor installed( prior)

  • No lights just pre-wired for ceiling light/fan

  • Concept board


  • Installation of wall slats

  • Tv mounted


  • Outline

  • No lights :(




  • Painting the ceiling


  • Rugs in(yaaayyy)

So now that we had a little recap, let's get to it!! I finally had my area rug delivered and I must say, I am digging it. I am not a carpet person but a good area rug really sets the room apart. I also have bought the rug pad which makes a difference on the feet. It gives a little more cushion to those rugs that aren't a high pile. I remember back in the day when the area rugs came with rug pads( yes, I'm showing my age!). Now rug pads range from $50.00 on up. It's a good investment and less harsh on your floors.

The color I chose works well with my whole color scheme. The redend point paint and the marbled flooring coincide with the champagne gold lines in the rug. Once everything comes together, it will be a calming space. I still have so much to do with so little time. Let's see what all needs to get done within the next 2 weeks!! Also, don't forget to follow the other participants and check on the progress for the past 6 weeks!! I'll post my progress video with my little helper.! Let's get grinding for the next 2 weeks ya'll!!!

Still to do:

  • window treatment

  • entry door/bathroom door change

  • floating dresser

  • end table to order

  • bed

  • accent chair

  • bed storage

  • accessories/decor

  • soundbar install

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