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ORC Week 4-Just gimme the light!

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Well, here we are, halfway through the one-room challenge with media partner apartment therapy and I finally have my lights!!

Lets recap:


  • Walls painted(prior)

  • Floor installed( prior)

  • No lights just pre-wired for ceiling light/fan

  • Concept board


  • Installation of wall slats

  • Tv mounted


  • Outline

  • No lights :(



As you all know, I wasn't able to install the lights last week, which is okay but now I have them and they look lovely. My electrician who does all my work for my projects is great. He was able to give me my hanging pendant lights and my fan light. Follow him on Instagram for more of his work-

It took a couple of hours to install and to minimize drywall damage, he was able to run the pipes from the outside and no drywall damage on the inside,yaaayyyyy!!! It's a win-win because in the future when we do our backyard, I will already have an outlet so that's awesome!

Anyway, let's get into these lights. Initially, I wanted something that was more cream and gold but the lead time was ridiculous. I needed them like yesterday. I figured since my TV is black, I needed to bring a little more black into the space, and what better way to do that than with the lights? There is nothing wrong with mixed metals and that is something I love to do. The pendant lights are sleek with black hanging wire and a round gold metal plate with oval led lights. They hang directly above both end tables. My fan light, also black and gold has three blades and is supposed to be a smart fan(we shall see). It comes with a remote and switches directions for the summer and winter months( of course you have to switch it yourself). I will figure out the "smart" part once I fully move into the room. The light is also LED and can be switched from warm to cool with the remote. I like that because I won't have to buy any bulbs for either of the lamps.

Once the installation was complete, I was so excited. I have switches on both sides of the bed for convenience. I like to read at night and my husband sleeps early so now I won't have to keep him up with the ceiling light.

minimal drywall damage

If you like the lights, click the link below. Now that my lights are in, there is still more to do before the final reveal. Let's hope I can get it done by then

Still to do:

  • window treatment

  • entry door/bathroom door change

  • ceiling tiles(if they come in time)

  • floating dresser

  • end table to order

  • bed

  • area rug

  • accent chair

  • bed storage

  • accessories/decor

  • soundbar install

Don't forget to follow the other participants' progress and like, and share on social media.

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