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Week 7! Not your average vanity mirror

Recap!! Weeks 1-6 have been nail-biting, and I loved every minute. I started with the floors, having put luxury vinyl tiles throughout my house, I decided to continue in the powder room. The best decision ever! I then had an amusing color that I wanted to use and set my mind to it and went for it. The wallpaper was something I knew I wanted to use, whether or not it went with the paint color. I made the right choice on both. Once I completed the wallpaper and paint, I knew I wanted to have a different style than solid paint but not too busy on all walls. The lights meshed well with the wallpaper and the paint. It's warm like how I wanted it.

Now, fast forward to week 7, the last week before the final post. I am so excited to announce, that the vanity mirror is up!!! OMG, I knew I had to have that in my space. I found this mirror on my first trip to High point market and knew it would work well with my space.

simple, yet satisfying! This is, after all, a powder room! In and out people! lol.

The vanity mirror is perfect for the perfect powder room. The mirror actually rotates up and down which, I had no idea until I hung it. The shelves are versatile along with the two 'soap' bottles. Since the space is small, the shelves can house hand soaps so that the vanity won't be crowded and messy.

The placement of the vanity was calculated(ha). I wanted it to be spaced a bit more than the average dimensions. Because I'm using all linear items, I wanted them to be viewed in there own style yet be cohesive. I think I did well(pats self on the back, Ha).

My little helper pointed out that I did not have a sink. Look at that mirror! Because the mirror is small, I did not want to put wallpaper behind this beauty to hide it. I wanted to make sure all the details were seen.

So, It seems as if I won't finish in time but, I have my vanity(which arrived a day ago) and I cannot wait to get it installed. It's all coming together and with the vanity, the color, and the ambience in the space, anyone would love to 'relax' on the 'throne' lol. Or what my brother-in-law says "ride the bike" haha.

Oh, did I mention that I also completed the ceiling? well, its done, a little touch up and voila, complete! Im happy to see it all come together with just a few short weeks.

It's crunch time and I am excited to see what the other participants have done. Don't forget to check the one-room challenge blog and follow everyone's journey to complete their space. Thanks to the one-room challenge and media partner apartment therapy for this awesome challenge and this special 10th year anniversary. Let's see what will happen within the coming week!

If you've missed it, here are the recaps for the past weeks—week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, Week 5, and Week 6.

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