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Week 3 ORC! Moody paint!

Well, this is the 3rd week of the one-room challenge and I am super excited about my wall paint. I really wanted to do something bold yet moody.

My daughter calls it the poopy paint, LOL. she says it reminds her of going to the bathroom, and that's exactly the feeling. This is a powder room after all. In and out, unless you need a minute or two!. HAHA

Okay back to the paint. This week I wanted to show the paint off. I wanted to do this first because of the details I have to put in. There will be little moments that tie the entire space together and I wanted to have that feeling once you enter. Of course, I bought a quart size and had to get more but it's okay, I will use the leftovers elsewhere. I'm still not finished with the painting as I need to do another coat to get it just the way I want it. Once it is complete, I can move to the next phase of this challenge.

So.. let's do a little recap:

  • Week 1 toilet taped up, walls still bare, not painted and showed my concept board

  • Week 2, Floors are in, no baseboard and the toilet and mirror have arrived!

  • Week 3, I have started painting the walls, the toilet and sink are now gone(yaaaayyy).

I have also taken the towel holder and toilet paper holder away. They were all dated and need a refresh. I will bring in more modern accessories. It's all coming together and I am excited to see the end results.

The toilet is out, the sink is out. Still no baseboard! I started to mark where I wanted to paint.

So, I really needed to take the light down but left it for my electrician to do, being lazy and productive at the same time (if that a thing)

I wanted to be able to tie the rest of the wall together with this style. The color pops and everything else will.

My first attempt to paint. Of course, I needed a second coat but it's looking good so far

Week 3 complete! Still working towards the final week and loving the progress.

Stay tuned and follow me and the other participants as we try to complete the one room challenge 1oth anniversary spring Edition, along with apartment therapy!

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2 hozzászólás

Kim Noyb
Kim Noyb
2022. ápr. 23.

Looking great!!

Válasz címzettje:

Thank you!!! Its coming along

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