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ORC week 6.Let there be LIGHT!

Whew, we are almost at the finish light and I am excited to announce that the lights are in, yaaayyy!.. My one room challenge is almost complete

Let's first recap a little. My challenge is the powder room, I had a concept for how I wanted to do it. Something fun and eye-catching. Since a lot of my guests will visit that space often, I figured I should do a statement design. I knew I wanted to use wallpaper but an abstract one. I found this perfect paper while browsing the net. I found it interesting because it's

coming all the way from Romania( my daughter asked me where that was and I said Transylvania, her response was-"did the vampires make that wallpaper?" )LOL. she loves hotel Transylvania. anyway, It came in three different sections to make one roll. I loved it, A a little harder to maneuver but it was all fun.

Now fast forward to weeks 2-5, I did a lot of painting and designs on the wall. I wanted to make sure it was set fr when the fixtures came and I didn't have to do any major retouching. I picked a color that will be seen throughout my house. I love the look of rustic with a modern twist. I love abstract and I love colors. Copper is my favorite so far.

Now we are in Week 6 and I must say, the light fixture is everything. I had it installed right before I had to post. I have the standard bulb in there but will be changing it to the clear globe bulb. I wanted to give an illusion f transparency so that not a lot of items block the design of the wall. Where the fixture is, I made it a solid paint color. I wanted to make sure the design of the fixture was shown and it would not if the wallpaper was behind it. It would have been too busy. I like the outcome so far and I am excited to see the end. My tip is to find a fixture that is both unique and can stand on its own without help from other fixtures. Find something that will tie your whole aesthetic together, whether it's through the material or the shape, as long as it brings the project together, it will all work well.

Okay, so now I'm ready to install the vanity mirror, and still waiting for the vanity! it has shipped, yayyyyy!. The mirror is something funky but will definitely bring my style together!

Check the rest of the participants out and their progress on the one-room challenge blog

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