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1/2 way ORC! Wallpaper

Okay, so for those of you who don't know what's going on. This is the one-room challenge sponsored by the apartment therapy 10th-anniversary challenge. I and other participants have been doing a challenge for 4weeks now, completing it in 8weeks. This is to showcase one room that you would like to makeover and show the process. Mine is a powder room in my newly purchased home(a 10yr old house). I wanted to do something small since this is my first time... Now that you get the gist, here is what's been happening in my 4th week

Remember those old wallpapers that looked dated and had one pattern? Well, this isn't it. This is not your grandma's wallpaper. Nowadays wallpaper has many textures, patterns, and styles. You can find peel and stick, non-woven, embossed, metallic, and a plethora of other designs to choose from. I recently started installing wallpaper and let me tell you, this is no joke! Tip: when installing wallpaper, make sure the surface is smooth and does not have any texture. If you are using peel and stick, it will not stay. The surface has to be smooth so that it can grip well. It's like doing paper mache.

I learned the hard way and it was a learning experience. I now can say I am a master wallpaper installer, hahaha. The wallpaper I chose has many geometric shapes. It's called Human nature. I wanted to pick something that was not too safe. It's manufactured in Romania and they ship very fast. It comes in 3 pieces so it seems as if you are buying a lot of wallpaper but those 3 pieces count as 1 roll. Here is another tip: make sure you measure your space and get extra wallpaper. Most paper will give you the sqft that it covers but in all reality, you will need more than it says.

Okay, since I installed the wallpaper, it made the space a little more interesting. I still don't have the fixtures in and my light is now out so there is a blank space where the light will go(We will talk about light some other time).

Tools needed to install

  • utility knife

  • wallpaper paste(if it's not peel and stick)

  • smooth surface( you can sand and clean before installation)

  • a ladder(for those hard to reach places)

  • level

  • and of course wallpaper!

Enjoy the video and take a look at my progress. don't forget to visit the other participants to see their progress as well! #oneroomchallenge #orcat #apartmenttherapy

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