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Not your grandmas wallpaper!

So recently, I have been having discussions with a few clients about wallpaper. They always say "I don't want it" or," it reminds me of my grandma's house". Well, let me tell you, wallpaper has come a long way.

I never thought I would even use, let alone design a wallpaper. I always thought of the homes that I have been to growing up that had wallpaper. Always floral, or stripes. And I mean, the ugly florals and stripes. They had a distinct smell to them from the paste and the space always felt and look old!

Nowadays, wallpaper comes in a variety of styles, colors, textures, and not just non-pasted wallpaper. I've used pasted, prepasted, peel and stick, and non-pasted in some of my projects. I find the non-pasted better than the rest. I know some may disagree but let me tell you why!

When you have a textured wall, it is so easy for a peel and stick to come off over time. You have to make sure the wall is smooth with little to no texture in order for the adhesive to stay. I've had a few trials and errors in my pantry because of that. The area is dry and cool, possibly getting a little heated because it is under the stairs. That may have played a part in it. But I had to literally sand my wall to

make it smooth enough for it to stick... I Didn't like the extra work at all. In the end, it came out well but I will limit my use of peel and stick. You can use it in places like bookshelves or behind a build-out, go crazy with it if you want. Most people use it in rental properties as it is easy to remove.

Now, let's talk about the non-pasted. this is the one where you have to buy the wallpaper paste and smear it on the back of the wallpaper, or on the wall in order for it to stick. There is paste specifically for wallpaper nowadays. Back in the day, it was flour! lol. We have evolved and I am so happy about this one.

I usually don't sand my wall but it is recommended for all wallpaper, for the walls to be smooth for better grip.

non-pasted, if you want to remove it, some drywall may come off as it isn't peel and stick and the paste is very durable.

It takes a little longer to apply but the results are beautiful.

The paste will, if not applied properly, get on the front of the paper so make sure to wipe it off with a damp sponge.

Instead of one type, color, or style, there are different styles now! you have, smooth, non-woven, and the in thing is grasscloth. Grasscloth reminds me of what we call in Jamaica crucous( Kruk-us bag or what is called burlap. It doesn't have any sheen to it and the coloration is dull. I like the feel but have never used it. Smooth is just what it says, not texture or anything... Feels like paper. Non-woven has texture within it and can give an interesting look to the space.

All in all, it is your preference what you want your space to look like. Go crazy with the wallpaper!!!



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